Toothpaste For Every Need

We all know toothpaste, but today there are too many brands and types on the market that sometimes it is difficult for the consumer to know which is ideal for the need for teeth. Teeth have a wide variety of ingredients according to their purpose, but it is essential to know which are those that can damage the teeth due to the high amount of abrasives.

The toothpaste must not only fulfill the function of cleaning the teeth but must include specific characteristics to determine if the toothpaste is good.

  1.     It should leave a sensation of freshness and cleanliness in the mouth.
  2.     Remove plaque and stains.
  3.     It should not cause irritation or any problem with the gums

Among the most common types of pasta on the market are:

Whitening paste: Are those that promise white teeth in a particular time, but there is a discussion between knowing if it is perfect for health or bad. A good paste of this type must take care of dental health, must be able to eliminate existing bacteria and prevent the appearance of decay, must maintain the health of the gums and protect the oral cavity. In the long run, the constant use of these pastes can damage the teeth, presenting wear due to the abrasive components. It is important to emphasize that the pastes will only remove surface stains.

Anticaries/anti-tartar: Contains compounds such as zinc and fluoride, which help prevent and treat teeth with caries; fluoride also helps reduce tooth sensitivity. The difference it has with conventional toothpaste is its higher amount in this mineral.

Sensitivity: Depending on the brand, main its function is to provide the individual an improvement in their gums, avoiding sensitivity and protecting the teeth from tartar. This is because its ingredients are based on potassium nitrate, strontium chloride, or ferric oxalate if any paste contains any of the ingredients mentioned can help the person to solve their problems with sensitivity.

Infantile pastes: The toothpaste for a child depends a lot on the age that he has since this way, it will be known the amount of fluoride that must have the dental tube. Remember that at an early age, teeth are not fully developed, so it is crucial to analyze and determine which is ideal for the child.

Gum Pastes

It’s divided into two

Treatment: It is commonly used in specific treatments such as extractions (dental extractions in Tijuana), surgeries, periodontal treatments or those processes that require the use of an antiseptic for the elimination of certain bacteria. This paste will be recommended by the dentist since he will provide the appropriate brand for your procedure. It is typically used for a particular time, which is the recovery time because if prolonged, can cause some problems that can damage the denture.

Maintenance: Unlike treatment pastes, this type of paste is useful in maintaining the health and protection of the gums as they contain triclosan, an active component for when the person has problems with the gums; this element does not damage the teeth or stains.

Really in the commercial market, there is a high number of types of pastes, but it is advisable to use those that fulfill the necessities that the consumer has or to visit the dentist so that the specialist indicates the ideal paste to him.